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Maheshwari Handloom has been Registered

2018-10-01 05:03:04

Now Maheshwari Handloom has been Registered with Logo Design, we are pleased to inform we are now successfully Registered with Trade Mark Ministry for our Design of Logo, now we are having our Copyrights to protect our Trade Mark Design.


Maheshwari sarees for festivals Fashion

2018-07-26 11:46:57

enormous varieties of Madhya Pradesh’s one of the oldest fabric materials, Maheshwari. There is a wonderful collection of sarees, suits and dress materials in Maheshwari, Chanderi and Silk materials.   It is to be noted that Maheshwari cloth material is always liked by the people and also attracts the tourists as well. More than 60 different designs in Maheshwar material are displayed in exhibition from Khargone district of the State. There is an array of vibrant colours like green, ocean green and ocean blue along with shades of yellow, brown, sky colours and colours in contrast. Maheshwari printed sarees with ...


Handloom handwoven Maheshwari Saress latest Collection

2018-07-18 05:51:23

Latest Collection of Maheshwari Handloom Silk Sarees with Buti weaving in pallu and body. Maheshwari Buti weaving sarees online. With beautiful colors. 


Maheshwari Sarees Shopping Places

2018-06-03 07:27:23

The Maheshwari saree comes from the Maheshwar town of Madhya Pradesh. The tradition of handloom weaving in Maheshwar has been prevalent since the 5th century. Legends say that Rani Ahilya Bai Holkar invited craftsmen from Surat and Malwa and employed them in Maheshwar to design exclusive saree for gifting the visitors of the royal palace. This is how the tradition of Maheshwari saree came into being. Chanderi sarees show the blend of different culture and differ from Maheshwari saree in the weaving style and patterns. They also slightly differ in the border design. Maheshwari Handloom works, Maheshwar Maheshwar is ...


Maheshwari-Chanderi Silk Saree Directly From Weavers

2018-05-13 11:10:09

Maheshwari handloom Works are leading manufacturer and Wholesalers of Maheshwari and Chanderi Sarees in Madhya Pradesh with large numbers of Handloom. we have more than 150 weavers across the city, we supply our products to PAN India through various courier and transport resources. for trade and bulk inquiries please log on to our website.


Mahesheshwari Sarees weaving Border Patterns

2018-05-04 15:22:58

Traditional Narmada Lehar Border Design are very famous from decades, which Represent the flow of holy river Narmada which flows from the bank of Maheshwar city, it has many demanding variations with Jari Resham and much more, which ignites a flawless look of a border on saree.


Maheshwari Sarees Manufacturer Profile

2018-05-04 15:03:52

Maheshwari Handloom Works is a Leading Manufacturer and Wholesale supplier of Maheshwari Handloom Products since 20 years .We assure the original Maheshwari Handloom Products and reliable quality at appropriate wholesale rates. we “Maheshwari Handloom Works”, are Proprietorship Firm, engaged in manufacturing, retailing, trading and wholesaling the best quality Maheshwari Sarees, Maheshwari Suites, Maheshwari Dupatta, Maheshwari Silk Saree, Maheshwari silk cotton Kurti, etc.  


Maheshwari Handloom Sarees Weaving Mantra

2018-04-04 18:03:38

The Design Mantra While the Pallus are particularly distinct with their five stripes, they are also famous for their reversible borders that can be worn on either side. Maheshwari sarees have become a preferred choice have women elegance & style.Maheshwari sarees are online in spirited colors and diaphanous texture


Resham Weaving on Borders in Maheshwari

2018-03-21 02:55:34

Maheshwari Handloom Silk cotton sarees With Resham weaving Lehar Border, made up of Half cotton Half silk Handloom Material. Handwoven Sky Blue Saree Ignites a casual Attire for Regular wear.


Wearing Maheshwari Saree

2018-03-13 07:51:21

Wearing Maheshwari Saree Since Maheshwari saree is available in both Silk and Cotton, it can be adorned with both casual and formal events. From weddings, engagements, parties, conferences, to religious festivities, a Maheshwari saree can make anyone look classy and effortlessly graceful. As Maheshwari saree is a fairly light wear saree, it is suitable for any season year round.